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About the Centre

Established in Wellington (1971), the Lotus Yoga Centre became an Incorporated Society with Charitable Trust status one year later. The Centre provides a range of courses including yoga, taichi qigong, and meditation. A natural Therapy Centre is associated with the Lotus Yoga Centre. Bookings can be made for iridology, naturopathy, nutrition, stress management, massage, back/neck/shoulder treatment and reiki. The Centre publishes books on yoga and health; such as Recipes from the Farmyard, Relax with Yoga, Be Fit with Yoga and many more.

In 1985 the Lotus Yoga Centre moved to the Kapiti Coast and is now located in the town of Paraparaumu. The colonial homestead is set in peaceful surroundings, consisting of 10 acres of bush, lawns and organic gardens. The scenic surroundings touch the heart, the fresh air clears the mind and the spirit is uplifted to blend in with nature.

Our Teachers

Eric Doornekamp

Eric DoornekampEric is Director-Founder and Spiritual Leader of the Lotus Yoga Centre (1971). He studied Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga with Dr. Swami Gitananda at Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry, India, in 1968.

Eric is an Honorary Member of the International Yoga Academy of Australasia,  and Life Member of the International Yoga Teachers Association  NZ. He was awarded a Ph. D. in yoga by the Worldwide Vishwa Unnyayam Samsad, India. He is a member of the International Centre for Yoga Education and Research, India.

Eric facilitates Classic Yoga, a comprehensive four year course. Meetings are held at the Centre on a Saturday morning, once a month. They consist of an in depth study of yoga, offering insight in the philosophy and practice of its various branches. Students are expected to study at home as well. A prospectus is available on request.

Eric has forty-five years experience as a yoga teacher and forty years as an alternative health practitioner. He is a certified Taichi Qigong instructor with twenty years experience. Eric is the author of several books on yoga and health and contributes regularly to various yoga magazines.

Cathryn Doornekamp

Cathryn Doornekamp

Cathryn came to be associated with the Lotus Yoga Centre in 1996. When travelling to Peru on a spiritual pilgrimage she met her spiritual partner Eric Doornekamp.

Resident teacher of 20 years, Cathryn cannot imagine life without yoga or taichi qigong. Having come from a corporate background and the stress of a high pressured job, she recognises the need for creating a healthy balanced lifestyle, sharing what she loves to do most, enriching the quality of people's lives through her passion of yoga and taichi qigong.

In addition to teaching ten weekly yoga classes and three weekly taichi qigong classes, Cathryn facilitates regular one-day Body, Mind and Soul retreats at the Centre on Sundays.

While Cathryn teaches beginners and general to more advanced yoga classes, she specializes in teaching yoga for the elderly and pregnancy. She is also available to tailor-make one on one personalised yoga programs for home practice.

Cathryn holds diplomas with the Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia and International Yoga Teachers Association NZ. In recent years, she has attended two ten-day intensive yoga retreats at  Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry, India. She has also participated in various three-day intensive retreats with world-reknown yoga expert, Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, held in Australia and New Zealand.

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