Are you interested in personal growth and self-development?

The Classic Yoga Course is an in-depth course aimed at those who are able to dedicate more time to the practice and theory of yoga.  The course is
progressive, with an ongoing commitment.  Participation in the lessons is required.  The course is therefore only suited to individuals with discipline, sincere dedication and a deep love of yoga.

With once-monthly meetings on a Saturday over a period of four years, this course covers major aspects of yoga, enabling the student to gain insight into its practice.  Topics are of an ongoing nature and include different paths of yoga, breath control and relaxation techniques.  The course aims to provide a deeper insight through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development.  The Classic Yoga Course is facilitated by Eric Doornekamp, a practising yoga therapist.  He is assisted by Cathryn Doornekamp, a yoga instructor of twenty years.

The Classic Yoga Course starts in February of each year. For more information, please contact us and we send you a full prospectus.


“If you feel you have too much on to join the Classic Yoga Course, my suggestion would be to do it anyway.  It is life changing. 2004 was my first year of Classic Yoga.  It was the beginning of a fantastic journey, weaving yoga into my everyday reality.  I found the disciplined yoga practice an amazing aid to work and study.  I take yoga and its teachings with me everywhere.  I love teaching hatha yoga, and I truly believe that the practice and understanding of its guiding principles makes us the best version of ourselves.  Thank you Eric and Cathryn – Aum Shantih” – Robyn M