The Lotus Yoga Centre is currently embracing major change and transformation. Circumstances have recently aligned to propel us into a future that previously had only been a dream.  Our Centre Director has long had a vision of a new centre being built further up into our property close to where the meditation Sanctuary is situated. Steps are now well advanced to make this a reality.

The Lotus Yoga Centre has entered into a partnership with a sympathetic property developer who is assisting us to achieve our vision.  In so doing and as an outcome of this partnership, we are now seeing the implementation of a plan that includes 25 ecologically designed houses, community facilities, and extensive organic vegetable gardens as well as a brand new yoga centre itself. So between us, we are creating a very significant property development, and just as importantly, a community development too.

This new village is called Lotus Eco Village, and will incorporate the very latest in ecological and environmental design. We are planning for a community that will co-exist under a model called cohousing that is becoming more common in Europe, North America, and now here in New Zealand.

Currently civil engineering works are being undertaken, i.e. road building, laying of services, and preparation of building sites. The first four houses will be completed and  occupied by the end of the year, and a further four houses will be built and occupied by the end of March 2020, by which time the construction of the new yoga centre/community centre will be completed.

Enquiries are most welcome. Please refer to the following website: