General Classes are for students with some experience of yoga. The postures are an ongoing challenge, essential for both physical and mental wellbeing.

The aim is to balance all body systems:

The stretching helps achieve greater flexibility

The postures improve overall strength

The breathing increases energy levels

The relaxation eliminates stress

There are currently three 1 hour classes a week to choose from.


Casual class – $14         4 classes – $50          10 classes – $105 waged / $95 unwaged

(Members of the Lotus Yoga Centre receive a $10 reduction on 10 classes)


“Cathryn has been practicing and teaching yoga in the tranquil setting of the Lotus Centre’s century old homestead for many years.  Her spacious yoga room looks out on trees, birds and bush, an ideal natural projection for yoga work.  Cathryn herself has a calming and beautiful personality enabling her to model and guide people through yoga movements and poses effortlessly.

She demonstrates using clear instructions for both movement and breath.  These skills and caring support enables students to follow in an almost meditative state at their own pace with confidence and success.  I highly recommend her informative classes to both beginners and experienced students.” – Leigh C