The Natural Therapy Centre is associated with the Lotus Yoga Centre. Run by Eric Doornekamp, a natural therapist with forty years experience as an alternative health practitioner, the Centre offers a wide range of treatments and therapies. Eric’s motto is “Nature Cures” and the therapist assists in the process; health needs a holistic approach, and his treatments involve a thorough assessment using nutrition and herbal therapy.


The aim is to draw on the curative powers inherent in each person. The naturopath assists in this process by prescribing a health regime, such as detoxification programmes with herbs. Vitamins and minerals are used as complimentary medicine. Iridology may be used as a form of diagnosis.

Cost: Initial consultation $45.00 – 1 hour. Subsequent consultations $30.00 – 1/2 hour.


The practitioner examines muscular – skeletal structures. Massage is applied to loosen up tight muscles and relax the body. Gentle manipulation is applied to free up the neck, spine, and limbs to realign immobile joints. Specific programmes including flexibility and strengthening exercises are suggested to improve fitness.

Cost: Initial consultation $45.00 – 1 hour. Subsequent consultations $40.00 – 1/2 hour.


There is a saying, “We are what we eat.” Maybe a somewhat simplistic view of health but nutrition is important in the prevention and treatment of disease. A correct diet is a major factor in every aspect of  medicine. Of course lifestyle also plays an important role, especially in times of stress.

Cost: Initial consultation $45.00 – 1 hour. Subsequent consultations $30.00 – 1/2 hour.


The benefits are well documented such as soothing nerves and relaxing sore muscles, increasing circulation. Swedish massage involves deep tissue therapy to relieve stress and Oriental massage on pressure points stimulates the flow of qi or energy in the meridians.

Cost: $30.00 1/2 hour.


This comprehensive system of health is holistic on every level. It includes a balanced approach to postures, relaxation and  meditation. Purification techniques prevent physical illness and the philosophy of yoga leads to mental well-being.

Cost: $40.00 for a 1 hour, one on one session.


Abnormal markings in texture and colour of the iris may reveal the physical – mental state of the body. It is a useful tool in the preliminary diagnosis of an illness before there is a serious breakdown in health. A free ten minute assessment is available by appointment.

Cost: $45.00 for 1 hour.


A deep sense of relaxation, inner peace, increased vitality and improved sleep patterns are amongst the benefits reported. Stress, tension and worry are alleviated. Reiki is also useful in the relief of physical pain or discomfort caused by injury, illness or disease and speeds up recovery after surgery.

Level 3 Reiki Master – Teacher, Graeme Richardson (Member of Reiki NZ) is available for Reiki Healing at the Centre on

Sunday and Monday by appointment.

Cost: $75.00 – 60 minute session

For further information or to make a booking please contact Graeme Richardson