The Lotus Yoga Centre is a non-profit organisation and a registered Charity (CC29976) which is dedicated to promoting wellbeing, unity and knowledge through the practice of yoga and other related disciplines.

The Centre is governed by an executive committee who are grateful to both Eric and Cathryn Doornekamp, who do so much to keep the Centre alive and well, holding the Light and radiating Peace and Love for the benefit of all here not just on the Kapiti Coast, but for the whole Planet.

The daily activities of the Centre are overseen by Eric Doornekamp, the Founding-Director and the Centre also employs a part time administrator. The classes, courses, workshops and therapy activities are provided by qualified practitioners who offer their services on a voluntary basis.

Members and friends of the Centre readily donate their time and services helping in a myriad ways.

Regular fundraising activities are carried out at the Centre, such as movie nights, meals, and the sales of hand crafted socks from natural yarns, and hand crafted cards photographed from scenes around the Centre.