Nestled in the hills adjacent to the Lotus Yoga Centre is a healing meditation Sanctuary, a special place where people come to find inner peace and quietness.  Built in 1999, the Sanctuary is the spiritual hub of the Centre’s activities.  The site was chosen according to the confluence of powerful ley lines.  The energies are strongly aligned with Kapiti Island and the ranges of the Maungakotukutuku Reserve on the eastern side of the Sanctuary.

The octagon-shaped building is constructed from natural timbers and has a glass pyramid roof conducive to healing energies. The windows are tinted the seven colours of the rainbow. Each colour relates to a particular healing ray.  On a sunny day the array of colours are quite spectacular.

Overlooking a pond, the tranquil setting is ideal for those who seek inner stillness.  The Sanctuary also lends itself well to the practice of taichi qigong and has great acoustics. Meditation and chanting sessions are held in the Sanctuary on a regular basis. Everyone is welcome to attend.