Taichi Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of exercise that suits all ages and levels of fitness.  Each movement is performed very slowly, allowing the practitioner plenty of time to breath and ‘to get in tune’.  Regular practice will help develop a supple body and stress-free mind.

Taichi Qigong consists of 18 movements that can be memorized in no time at all.  It emphasises the importance of breathing, resulting in a free flow of qi or life force.

 Beginners may join a class any time.  Please contact us to enrol before attending.


Casual class – $14         4 classes – $50          10 classes – $105 waged / $95 unwaged

(Members of the Lotus Yoga Centre receive a $10 reduction on 10 classes)


“I first started practising Taichi Qigong at the Lotus Yoga Centre in 2016.  Cathryn made it so easy to follow and I found it simple to learn.  For me Taichi Qigong provides an opportunity to be still inside: a kind of moving meditation that comes about through focussing on breathing and slow careful movements.  Sessions in the Sanctuary make it even more special. I feel at one with nature there. Add to this Cathryn’s gentle guidance and warmth, and I always leave feeling calm and refreshed.” – Roberta James